Thursday, July 26, 2007

I love it when a plan comes together...

...or not.

So my "diabolical plan" was axed when I woke up on Tuesday. No point in discussing it, and I had PLANNED on posting today in a very angry manner how the world is turned against me, and everything I plan is foiled in one way or another.

And then...I caught a break when I got up today.

Again, need to know basis, so just suffice it to say: My plan was foiled...but the situation was resolved anyway. Strange world.

So...not much to blog about now. Funny how I don't have much to say when something's not bugging me. I could blog about the Tigers losing in Chicago AGAIN...or how the world of sports is basically shit right now with all the bad news. But eh...

I think I'll save up my blogging strength and do a kickass Michigan season preview soon. "Soon" is a relative term. Since my best work is done spontaneously, I can't really give a timeframe...but it'll be there.

In the meantime, hooray Peanuts!

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