Friday, August 10, 2007

Hope springs eternal.

...Okay, so the Lions will probably still be bad this year. The run defense is suspect, the pass defense is bad, the rush offense is mediocre, and the offensive line offers about as much protection as the condoms Kramer gave to George.

But hey, if you're gonna might as well stink like the Lions are gonna stink this year. Gone are the days of Joey Harrington being pathetically inept (have fun Atlanta). More often than not the Lions' offense with that idiot under center was like a solar eclipse - if you looked at it directly for more than a few seconds, you went hysterically blind.

Well, those days are, at least somewhat, over. Yeah, Kitna will be sacked 60 times. He'll probably throw 20 interceptions. But when he's upright and not throwing to the wrong team, he'll have some fun, with Roy (Roy Roy Roy!) Williams, Mike Furrey and his new toy Calvin Johnson out there snagging passes.

So yeah...the Lions will be something awful like 5-11, 4-12....MAYBE 6-10. But unlike the past couple years...I might just be awake by kickoff to watch them.

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