Friday, September 21, 2007

GBU: Notre Dame

Once again this will be condensed because well, like last week, it’s all one-sided (although thankfully it’s on the RIGHTside this time).

The Good:

Mike Hart. What I wouldn't give to see/hear some of the things he must've said to his teammates during the week leading up the the game. Whatever he said worked, and he led the charge.

Everything else. I really wish I could say this makes everything okay and the team is back on track, but I can't. Notre Dame is just abysmal. Seriously, we learned about as much about this team as we'll learn when they play Eastern Michigan. Maybe we should start calling ND "Northern Indiana", because even though I loathe them, that wasn't the Notre Dame I've seen in the past. They quit worse than Michigan quit against Oregon. But I digress...everything worked for the Wolverines. Yeah, Mallett was only 7-15 passing, but three TDs are cool. The defense looked like it did in 2006, but I'm putting no stock into that; I think my old high school team could've sacked Jimmah a couple times.

The Ugly:

Notre Dame. Yeah, this is a Michigan blog, but damn, ND. There was nothing good or even bad about the Irish on Saturday. It was all ugly, and in spectacular fashion. They couldn't run...they couldn't pass...they couldn't play defense...they couldn't execute basic football plays like the QB-center exchange and the QB-RB handoff. Where is the genius? Where is Weis E. Coyote's (greatest nickname ever, by the way) offensive juggernaut? I understand they lost everybody...but the stars next to the names of the recruits Coyote is bringing in have to mean something, right? Actually, it does mean something: Weis is a joke of a coach. I have no doubt he's actually a good offensive mind, since he DID turn Brady Quinn into an All-American (an overrated one, but nevertheless), but as an overall head coach, he sucks. His team is feeling worse than ever, and he decides to institute "Weis E. Coyote's Boot Camp of Pain"? He's losing that team. How long until he gets the ax (or conveniently bails)? Like I said, I can't stand Notre Dame, but I much prefer them to lose to Michigan when they're good, not when they're pathetic like this.

What it means for Penn State:

Absolutely nothing. Aside from a confidence standpoint, there is nothing that can be taken from this game that you can look at and say "See, that's why Michigan will win/lose against Penn State." The defense is nowhere near as good as the Irish made them look. I believe Michigan's front four can get pressure on Morelli, but not to the tune of 8 sacks. I believe Michigan's offensive line CAN create holes for Hart against Penn State's front seven, but not on an every play basis. Mallett will have to make plays (or Henne on the off chance that he actually plays) to keep PSU's defense honest. Spreading the field with Mario, AA and Mathews will be a key. Still though, Penn State is infinitely better than Notre Dame in every aspect and at every position. I don't think the whole "We Own Penn State" thing matters either, and I don't like crowing about that, because I actually like Penn State. I like JoePa. I love when Michigan and Penn State play, because it's always entertaining. I just hope it's a clean game on Saturday and neither side is left whining about Big Ten officiating conspiracies once it's over.

Go make it 9 straight, boys!

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