Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hart Chart: Penn State

This will be this week's GBU, since the entire game revolved around #20 (I'm considering making this the main "recap" thingie anyway and just providing other thoughts after the charting goodness. Or maybe I'll expand into something else. I dunno yet. Ideas?) It is a mini-version of Brian's excellently done UFRs. In this case, all I do is chart, to the best of my ability, Mike Hart and the offensive line, and like Brian does for essentially everything, I tally up the positives and negatives to see the end result. On a side note, I have a newfound appreciation for Brian and the UFRs. I lost my mind just tracking #20 and the big guys up front; he does the entire game, offense and defense, and is to be sent 73 virgins as thanks.

So without further adieu...the first Hart Chart.

1left1-101Long, MoundrosSchilling, Boren
2left2-94Long, KrausMassey
3middle1-103Boren, SchillingLong
4right1-10-3-Schilling, Boren, Massey
5left1-1013Long, Arrington, Kraus-
6right1-100-Kraus, Boren, Mitchell
7middle2-108Long, Moundros, Mitchell, Kraus-
8left3-26Butler, Kraus, Long-
9left1-104Long, Mitchell, KrausSchilling
10right2-62MasseyMitchell, Schilling
11left1-109Long, Boren, Butler, Schilling-
12left2-14Long, Kraus, Massey, MitchellBoren, Butler
13middle2-1111Massey, Moundros, Long-
14left1-109Massey, Long, Kraus, CiullaBoren, Butler
15left1-G-3-Massey, Arrington, Long, Kraus, Boren
16middle1-10-1-Schilling, Boren, Long, Massey
18middle1-107Massey, Schilling, Mitchell, Boren-
19left1-109ButlerLong, Boren
20left2-14Kraus, Mitchell, McAvoy, SchillingMoundros
21right1-10-3McAvoy, SchillingMassey, Boren
22left1-10-2-Moundros, Kraus, Massey
23right2-12-1-Schilling, Boren
24left1-103Moundros, Long, KrausMassey, McAvoy
25left2-710Long, Manningham-
26left1-103Moundros, Long, MasseyMcAvoy, Schilling
28middle1-107Massey, Schilling, McAvoy, Kraus-
29middle2-109Schilling, McAvoy, Kraus, Massey-
30left3-19Massey, Long, MoundrosKraus, Boren, Schilling, McAvoy
31left1-108Long, Kraus, McAvoy, SchillingBoren
32left2-2-3-Long, Kraus, Boren, Schilling
33left1-G2ButlerKraus, Boren
34left2-G-1-Massey, Long
35left1-G1MasseyMcAvoy, Schilling
36right2-G1-TDButler, McAvoy, Boren, Kraus-

Chart stops after Hart's TD, as all carries after that were not intended to actually gain yardage, but eat the clock up.

Notes to know:
  • Numbers in the Carries column (the first one) that are underlined indicate Mike's final carry of the drive.
  • The Yay and Nay columns reflect the player's affect on the ultimate result of the play. Hence, if the play was zone left, Schilling was blown up, but his guy did not ultimately affect the play, Schilling is not put in the Nay column. On the other hand, if it was zone right and Big Jake steamrolled his guy, Jake would probably not get in the Yay column unless it somehow helped Mike on the carry.
  • General criteria includes getting blown off the ball, pushed back and disrupting the play, missing a block or assignment, tripping and falling, general ineffectiveness, etc.
By the numbers:

22 carries, 92 yards
Middle: 8 carries, 38 yards
Right: 6 carries, -4 yards, TD

Overall chart:


  • I may need to divert some of my mancrush onto Jake Long.
  • Schilling isn't nearly as bad as this game indicates.
  • I don't think Justin Boren is, either...but he had a very, very tough time out there.
  • Why is Mike Massey starting? Or even seeing significant time?
  • I'm still not sold on Moundros. I long for the days of Aaron Shea and B.J. Askew, when the fullback was actually a part of the offense. Moundros is just kind of...wild. He doesn't seem to knowingly block, he just kind of throws himself around. But it's not to the point where it's a hinderance...yet.
Overall though...Michigan got the yards on the ground when they needed them against a very stout Penn State defense. I haven't seen enough of Wisconsin and Ohio State against quality competition, but PSU's front seven might be the best Michigan sees, and even if the Badgers or Buckeyes are better, the struggles of the youngsters on UM's line should be remedied.

Or we could just zone left 40 times a game. Whichever.

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formerlyanonymous said...

I'm interested to see this for the Northwestern game. It got ugly on run blocking. It didn't help that the best player on the Northwestern defense was the tackle who lined up over the middle often. Boren had a tough game against him, and Long had an off day, subduing some of the man crush points.