Saturday, November 10, 2007


For the second straight week, a Big Ten opponent took my breath away, left me hunched over in my chair, my stomach feeling decidedly sick.

And, for the second straight week it seemed as if the maize and blue would rally, this time under the leadership of that big freshman with the cocky grin. My heart soared, I believed that it was going to happen again, that a great comeback was in the making. Two touchdowns to bring the game within reach, to bring victory within the reach of the leg of K.C. Lopata...

But, it wasn't to be. Instead of jubilation, I'm left with a feeling of utter helplessness. I'm sure the street of Ann Arbor are as quiet as it is here in the radio booth at The University of Michigan-Dearborn, my only companion the ticking of the clock and the soft broadcast of the UMD hockey game in Kalamazoo.

I won't offer any analysis except for one fact: Tyler Donovan killed us.

And, we probably also killed ourselves.

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