Wednesday, February 6, 2008

That's the list.

-Added today: Barnum, Feagin, Roundtree, Shaw.
-O'Neill on signing his LOI: "It feels great. It's just a big load off my shoulders."
-Cissoko on signing his: "It's a relief, because now I won't have all the coaches calling me, and I can concentrate more on my schoolwork and getting better. I'm excited to be at Michigan, and I'm getting ready to do great things down there. I'm on the computer now, checking to see who else is coming."
-Yeah, about that...Nick Perry is NOT coming. Second straight year, USC gets the best player in the state. Ugh.
-Pryor news: There is no news. He held a press announce he's delaying his decision.
-McGuffie: Wavering. Late push by Cal (?!). Might know more later.

UPDATE: 21 of the 24 names on the list above are signed, sealed and delivered. The three that aren't are McGuffie (mentioned above), Kenny Demens and George Morales. Demens had a funeral to attend today and was unable to send his LOI in, but will soon. No word on Morales yet.

UPDATE #2: Per the list at, Demens' LOI is in.


Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

Perry is not the #1 player in the state, Cissoko was. O'Neil was also rated higher than Perry, too.

But point taken USC pillaging Michigan talent needs to stop.

Brian said...

I should've mentioned that was editorial opinion. And Perry had climbed to 34th in Rivals' rankings (the highest rated 4-star player) before he was put out of position at the AA Game and dropped.

Still stings that he got away.