Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Tigers Season Preview Without any Facts

I've absent for too long, I know, but hopefully this will make up for it somewhat. While the excuse that it is the offseason might seem like a good one, it really isn't. There has been plenty of interest going on, plenty I've wanted to write about, but have been too slow... by the time I get around to thinking about writing an article, it is irrelevant already. Classes, girlfriend, reading of dead British political philosophers... it all adds up. But anyhow... on with the show.

When the Michigan winter inevitably gives me a glimpse at spring, has a rare peak into the forties, I can't help but think of baseball. I know spring training started a while ago, but I never really feel that excitement of baseball season until its warm enough to shed the winter coat, until I can smell nature in the air again. I simply get the urge to grab a wooden bat, go out and hit fly balls, just to feel that sting in my hands again.

Opening Day is just a few days away, and I probably should have something deeper, something longer to write about because of that, but I doubt I can do it better than I did last year. If you'd like to read that piece, head over to Opening Day, but for now I'll just talk about the Tigers.

Baseball has always been huge for me, but the excitement has never been as high as the past couple of years, and now with the acquisition of Miguel Cabrera it seems that the sky is the limit for the Tigers. The line up is amazing, and while the pitching may have some questions, I definitely think it will suffice to get us far this year. I know that so many people feel like it's World Series or bust this season, but I'm not willing to even think about that yet. There are 162 games to go, and I'm just ready to enjoy the ride.

Unfortunately for me, I'll be class during the Tigers' game tomorrow, but I'm sure I won't be paying any attention to lecture. I have no idea how I could, with spring in the air and baseball going on. It's going to be a good summer.

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