Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2009 Recruiting Map.

In my effort to cover recruiting more (since I follow it way too much to begin with), I composed an interactive U.S. map detailing a vast majority of recruits Michigan has snagged or is targeting.

Michigan Recruiting Map 2009

Things to know:

  1. Prospects with M offers that have committed elsewhere (ex: Dorian Bell, Devonte Holloman) are not included.
  2. Prospects that are uncommitted with M offers that appear to be heavy, heavy leans elsewhere with weight behind such lean (ex: Jamaal Berry saying it's 90% that he'll go to Ohio State) are not included.
  3. Prospects that commit elsewhere will be removed (probably with a little update here).
  4. This is just the first draft of the map. I'll probably update each recruit's profile with links, quotes, other measurables, etc.
  5. I'll be happy if Michigan lands one of the 5-stars on there. Not because I obsess over star ranking, but because it's aesthetically pleasing to see a recruit with 5 stars next to his name commit to your team.

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Ace said...

This is really's interesting to see how much RichRod's recruiting efforts have been put towards the south (especially Florida). I don't think Lloyd recruited the south so heavily.