Wednesday, June 2, 2010

History Will Be Made

Unless Jim Joyce is overseeing things.

Yeah, he deserves credit for owning up to his mistake. He's a classy guy for seeking Galarraga out and apologizing.

Doesn't change what he did. He took away history. He took away one of the rarest occurrences in sports. Baseball's been around for what, 140 years? And there have been 20 perfect games. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of games through decades and decades of baseball...and 20 have been perfect. And it should've been 21, except for one of the most egregiously wrong calls in the history of sports.

There was no gray area here. No "bang-bang" play at first. Galarraga got there, his foot on the base, and he caught the ball. And Jim Joyce said he thought the runner beat him.

An abomination, that no apology can fix.

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