Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hart Chart archive... now up in the column on the left below the Lloyd Carr Era links. Reminder:

-Hart Charting did not start until the Penn State game.
-Wisconsin game was skipped, since the coaches and most of the players skipped that game too.
-Florida game WILL be Hart Charted at some point before the season starts.
-There will be some kind of Minor/Brown/McGuffie/Feagin(?)/Threet(?!)/HR Pufnstuf Chart for 2008. Coincidentally Michigan's departure from the "rock rock rock"* philosophy also makes charting more difficult. The spread/shred will no doubt make charting the running plays much trickier.
-My quest for some daily/semi-daily feature here at GS which isn't just some half-baked ripoff of MGoBlog's Unverified Voracity continues, without much luck, but I press on.

(* - At some point there will be a time where I come up with my own catchphrases in the Michigan blogosphere, but until that lightning bolt of creativity hits me, I shall continue to take advantage of the contract that all newborns named Brian sign which allows full disclosure and sharing of witty phrases and memes. High five, Mr. Cook, high five.)

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