Saturday, October 11, 2008


Normally I'd wait for the weekend to end before I do any kind of postgame post regarding Michigan football, but enough is enough, and I'm not going to wait.

Ironically, it seems like nobody else is going to wait either. I'm sure at first glance the title of this post would appear to be my thoughts about the state of Michigan football.

Wrong. That's what I think about a vast portion of the Michigan fanbase.

Wake the fuck up, people. No, I'm not kidding. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Yes, today was embarrassing. I'm not going to make excuses for the defense, or for Scott Shafer. I think calling for him to be fired is a bit kneejerky, but wolves have to have a deer to eat.

But I'm browsing Michigan message boards, and I'm reading things like "can we please throw the rest of the games and get this clown out of here?" and "this guy looks to be 7-5/8-4 at best" and this one in particular, and I'm going to quote it verbatim:

In the meantime the uofm traditon has been trashed and will be gone before this season is over. The years of excellence beyond the rest of the NCAA are over.

This person is a fucking idiot. I cannot express that any more clearly. This person should be banned from Michigan Stadium. I feel bad for any possible children this person has, because said children will be getting shortchanged in the gene pool.

I say again: Wake up, people. This program was decaying. At the risk of sounding like a certain political candidate, CHANGE WAS NECESSARY. You can bitch and moan all you want about Les Miles being robbed of a chance to coach here, but get over it. The Michigan Internet is ablaze tonight, and I'm close to a psychotic break.

Allow me to weave a tale of sorts. A tale about a team. This team, this program has a whole, has a history and tradition not fit to stand in the shadow of Michigan's. Several years ago, this program hired a coach that they hoped would pay dividends. In that coach's first year, this program went 2-9 and finished 107th in the nation in scoring offense. They did not win a single conference game. They lost games 61-14, 35-7, 63-10, 40-2, and 37-3.

After that season, that coach signed a quarterback that he thought might fit the spread system he was trying to install. It was weird, because that quarterback was regarded as a pro-style QB. He never ran the spread in high school.

The next year, that coach put that freshman QB in to take lumps. It was ugly again. They went 2-10. They finished 88th in scoring. They only won one conference game. Their freshman quarterback completed less than 40% of his passes, threw for as many touchdowns as interceptions, and averaged less than 4 yards per carry. On the surface they were still abysmal, and yet upon closer look, they were improved. The team they lost to 61-14 the previous year, they beat 23-20. The team they lost 35-7 to only beat them 24-7. 63-10 became 26-12. 40-2 became 17-10. 37-3 became 42-31. They lost those games, but improvement was obvious.

The next year, it started to click. They were 58th in scoring. As the spread system entrenched itself, the running game started to roll. They led their conference in rushing. They won 9 games with a quarterback who wasn't a spread offense quarterback coming out of high school. They went to the most historic bowl game this sport has to offer.

That QB? Juice Williams. That coach? Ron Zook. That team? Illinois. The same Illinois team that shredded Michigan like paper last week. Think about that for a moment. Two years ago, they were in the throes of a 2-10 season. They went from 2-10 to the Rose Bowl, to one of the best offenses in the country now.

And yet the Michigan fanbase is poisoned with gutless, heartless cowards who are convinced that hiring the innovator of that spread option offense was a mistake. Michigan fans have been spoiled by consistency, and the thought of a losing season makes the stomach turn. Yeah, it sucks. I'm not going to put a spin on losing. Losing sucks. I would prefer to have Michigan win every weekend. But seriously, in a world where overreacting is the chic thing to do, I am embarrassed to associate myself with the Chicken Littles that inhabit the Michigan message boards tonight.

Accept reality. Penn State is going to take out a dozen years of frustration on us next week. Ohio State is going to make it five straight. There is a very distinct possibility that Michigan State will beat us. I know this is the doomsday scenario for Michigan fans. Having to hear it from all sides, from East Lansing and Columbus and State College and South Bend all in one year is a horrifying thought. Believe me, it doesn't make me smile. There is nothing more annoying than the crowings of a Michigan State fan, especially now.

Suck it up. If you don't have the character to stick with this coach and stick with this process through the lean years, go cheer for USC or Ohio State. You're always invited to jump back on the wagon in a year or two. Hypocrites.

Like I said, I'm not going to make excuses for the defense. Letting one guy catch 20 passes is a farce. But for the know nothings of the Michigan internet to start going crazy at an offense featuring four new starters on the offensive line (which, oh by the way, is ravaged by injury), freshmen at running back and upper classmen who can't hold onto the ball or stay healthy, and all new wide receivers...Les Miles would've had growing pains. Those growing pains are sharper because of the new system, and yet the vultures expect this new system to be down to a science after six games.

Nut up, people. Remember the attrition that happened, because the new staff made things tougher on the players before the season? That's applying to the fanbase now. The true diehards will be revealed, and the chicken(shit) littles will be weeded out.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you expected it to be, you are a gutless fool, and I am ashamed to cheer for the same team as you.


Joel Jackson said...

Good post...but disagree. We are not Illinois. We are Rome. We dont need to Illinois. So stop pretending this is a program that hasnt been successful in the past. Thats ridicules. And yes, when you have the great past of Michigan you do get a sense of entitlement...and we should, its worth something.

Our coachs cannot adjust to the players they have...that is a sin in coaching (I am one) matter how many Freshman are playing. You do NOT lose to Toledo at home...period. You're the one not living in reality if you think Michigan needs to rebuild to beat that team. This loss is 1000% on coaching. 20 catches by one guy?!? Come on.

The spread is a gimmick used by teams that cant recruit and get the talent to beat the "big guys". Use it as a formation, as a change up...fine, great...but for Michigan to go away from the Pro style offense (mark it down) will be the worst decision we ever make. Even worse than choosing this coach (in my opinion).

fred simmons said...

Teams like Florida?

Unknown said...

Wow Joel, I understand your frustrations, but I still believe that RR will be successful in the future. You mentioned that you are a coach, how would you adapt an offense with a O-line that can not block very well if at all. I'm curious to know what you thought this team would be like before the season started? I thought 5 wins for sure with a good chance of getting to 6 or 7. I now know that things are worse then I expected. It does make me nervous that things don't seem to be improving, but injuries do have to be taken into account.

Spaldo said...

Let me get this straight -- you compare Michigan football to Illinois/Zook. Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking Illinois? Correct me if I am wrong, but Michigan was undefeated and playing for a spot in the national championship game two fucking years ago. Under Carr, they ALWAYS contended for the Rose Bowl. And you think the goal is to be like fucking Illinois? You are a douche. Seriously. Illi-fucking-nois. Christ.

Brian said...

"Let me get this straight -- you compare Michigan football to Illinois/Zook. Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking Illinois? Correct me if I am wrong, but Michigan was undefeated and playing for a spot in the national championship game two fucking years ago. Under Carr, they ALWAYS contended for the Rose Bowl. And you think the goal is to be like fucking Illinois? You are a douche. Seriously. Illi-fucking-nois. Christ."

Contended for the Rose Bowl every year...and aside from 11 years ago, what happened when we got there? We got thoroughly embarrassed twice, and Herrmann's defense puckered their assholes for Vince Young the 3rd time. Other than that, "every year"...

And I knew someone would be foolish enough to interpret my Illinois comparison like that. The point completely went over your head, but considering you thought things were rainbows and sunshine under Carr, that's not surprising at all.

Joel Jackson said...

To answer your question Shaun, you adapt to your players. Your players cant run the spread...period. And dont give me this injury crap. The 3rd string for Michigan should kick Toledos a**.

I have no issue losing to Utah (potential BCS team), I have no issue losing to Illinois (potential BCS team). I have HUGE issues losing to Toledo.

You guys have got to get your expectations UP!!

Carr had to question, he eroded Michigan for years. But Rich isnt the my opinion. It was a rushed decision that fell in the AD's lap.

Unknown said...

"no question, he eroded Michigan for years."

Did you even read what you yourself wrote? He eroded Michigan for years! Fuck, get a god damn clue. That single fact alone is a lot of the problem we are having this year. Ask yourself this, why the fuck are our QB choices this year between a guy who can't throw and a walk on? Seriously? Is that RichRod's fault too? As Brian said, "Wake the fuck up."

Spaldo said...

Gutless? I call refusing to post comments critical of your posts gutless. Genuinely Sarcastic? More like genuinely Stalin. What a joke.

Joel Jackson said...

To tecknogyk, my friend.

Carr was a good coach. Not a great coach. I happen to think we need a great coach. Carr=Errosion. He'll get you to a bowl game, he'll get you in the Big Ten race...but I happen to think hes been out coached and recruited for years. Just my opinion.

And to answer your second question. Ahh yes dude, the reason we have two idiots for QB IS Rich Rod's fault. Hello? McFly? Dont let Mallet leave so easily. Show him some love. Rich Rod said at the UM-FL game: “We’ll adapt. I like winning too much not to adapt a little bit to our personnel.”

Really? What has the coach adapted to? Has he adapted to calling plays that these players can actually RUN? No. Nothing. Everythings on the players.

He fucked up with Pryor...waiting until the Spring to figure out his decision....and shouldve been spending some time (just some) actually caring about the fact that Pryor might not come and Mallet would leave. Keep the players Carr recrutier, install some of spread, adapt to the pro style offense for one year...until you get your guys in. Is that too much to ask? I really dont think so.

Instead we lose to a 1-4 MAC team...and have a good chance (wait for it tecknogyk, wait for it tecknogyk)...not win another game.

Yeah, its the coaches fault my friend. Sorry.

Aequitas said...

Spaldo, you sound like a flaming douchebag. Brian wasn't putting Illinois on a pedestal and saying "I wish we were like them!" Are you that fucking dense? Put your State beanie on and go have a love-in with the other arrogant clueless prick that compares Michigan to Rome.

REALLY?! I often wondered why Michigan fans were called arrogant. Carr was a good man and a decent coach, but Michigan has only really been a relevant national title contender (even 5 games into the season) a handful of times over his tenure. Hardly warrants a comparison to Rome. You and Joel are off on a different planet. So our 3rd string should beat Toledo? REALLY!?!

You clueless fucks couldn't provide an insightful comment about your surroundings if your lives depended on it. Get your whiny, bitchy sucks off of Michigan football because you don't know a damn thing about it.

The REST of us that do care...this is a hard time, man. None of us expected this. Any of it. But we don't want to hear your cowardly putrescence and calls for the Second Coming of Carr.

Move on, both of you. I hear State has room on their bandwagon and they LOVE to fire coaches there. You guys should be quite comfy.

Oh, and Joel? How is it RRs fault TP didn't come here? Yeah, thought so. Fuck you and fuck that prima donna. He knew EXACTLY how hard it would be on this team this year and that's why he went to TUoOS, not because RR didn't kiss his ass enough. Kid wanted easy mode and he's got it on a reloaded Suckeye team.

Gratz tho. Dumbest comment EVER seen on a Michigan blog.

mtzlblk said...

Plain and simple, if you are a real, long-term fan you support your team when they need it most. You do not turn on them instead.

Part of me was hoping coming into this season that a year or two of down results would make the spoiled, insufferable UM fans that sit on their hands at games and wait for something to grouse about, as Brian put it, 'wake the fuck up.' Instead, they just bitch more and more and....for Dog's their own team? Fuck all of you. What do you hope to accomplish with that? Send recruits scurrying to a school were their own fans treat them with respect and support them? I would. Nicely done. Loosing a few games might make a few recruits drop UM, but boo-ing fans will make them walk away in droves.

To put it bluntly, you suck as fans. You give UM fans a bad name amongst fans from other schools. You are the very definition of 'fair weather' fan....'I only root for my team when they win, I will reject them if they lose.'

I have watched UM sports since I was born in 1967. My parents met there, my brother and sister went there, I went there. I grew up in East Lansing around Spartan fans, my Mother is from Columbus and that entire side of the family consists of rabid Buckeye fans. I have a lot at stake and it is true that this year sucks. It is going to get worse. My support will not waiver, in fact it will get stronger. As a result, I will appreciate much more when the turnaround comes, perhaps not next year but the year after. I will be able to say I was there through thick and thin. It will taste better to me than it will for you. You will simply have to stop your pissing and moaning, jump back on the bandwagon and sit on your hands waiting for something else to bitch RR not winning national championships EVERY year.

I implore all of you that think booing is appropriate, think long term. Support your team, be more vocal, more positive. Don't be fickle, don't be pussies. Show some sack, show the world that you aren't just fans of the best all-time winning %. Make liars of people that say Michigan fans are apathetic and spoiled. If you can't, like Brian said, at least a good fair weather fan and just go away and don't come back until they are winning again and take your place on the bandwagon and leave the real support to real fans.

The lazy, shitty, 'down in front' fans' like yourselves make me wish that UM stadium was smaller, b/c more than likely you would not be there.

Joel Jackson said...

You got it wrong're such a tool. Honestly. Did someone call for the 2nd coming of Carr?? I missed that.

I didnt say its RR's fault TP didnt come to Mich...I said its his fault for NOT trying to keep RM...which may (may?) have kept some of the receivers.

RM might have left no matter what. But we should have tried harder to keep him to have an easier transition.

TP was never coming to Mich...and he knew it...and therefore knew stringing along RR until the spring would hurt even more.