Friday, August 31, 2007

The Lloyd Carr Era: 2006

As the beginning of Lloyd Carr's 13th, and perhaps final, season as Michigan head coach draws nearer, I feel it is appropriate to summarize and analyze each season he has been the head honcho in Ann Arbor.

2006: Redemption, Revenge, and Heartbreak
(Pictures tell the stories better)





Lloyd Carr vs. Ohio State: 6-6
Lloyd Carr vs. Michigan State: 9-3
Lloyd Carr vs. Notre Dame: 4-4
Lloyd Carr in Bowl Games: 5-7

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friendly said...

Those were really a part of every game -- Redemption , Revenge and heatbreak. Its like how life goes up and down. Thanks for sharing those picture. It is really nice seeing Llyod Carr into the game!

Mimi from abattant WC