Saturday, September 1, 2007

"And in the end, the devastation was so great..."

There are no words...maybe there will be tomorrow...but right now, there are none.

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ClarkiefromCanada said...


I was at the game today (section 14, nice view)

A few thoughts:
a) App State travels well for a small school (nice effort at the golf course and good people all)
b) Michigan's season ticket holders (at least in my section) were pathetic leaving at the conclusion of the 3rd quarter (en masse, btw). I was glad to take these tickets from a season ticket holder...but embarrassed by the so-called "loyal Michigan fan base"...pathetic
c) I was embarrassed by the comments in my section yelled by fans at Henne, Minor, Hart!?! (re: his injury), Mathews, the defense and the coaching staff...again, pathetic [dammit people...with the big wins come responsibility for the big was sad to be a Michigan fan and see grown adults yelling at teenagers and young men...if you want to be an ass go to a pro game (oh, wait, I forgot, there is no NFL team in Detroit)
d) Maybe some humility will come of's sad to see the season ticket holders exposed for who they are (8 in total left in my row alone out of 18 people)...bandwagon jumpers and non-supporters...sad they missed an exciting finish
e) I did have an awesome time with the people who stayed in the section and it was exciting and exhilarating. A local quote for the season ticket holders: "those who stay will be champions"...