Friday, September 14, 2007

GBU: Oregon

Forgive me if this one is somewhat...brief. There really isn't much to say. Hence, this will be compressed.

The Good:

Mike Hart. Once again, Mike was the only one who bothered to show up. All throughout the massacre, the only time I really showed any kind of emotion was when Mike grabbed his leg in pain and hobbled off the field, spiking his helmet on the way. There really isn't anything to say that hasn't been said already, but I'll say it again anyway: Mike doesn't deserve to be hung out to dry like this. He's busting his ass out there, and nobody's got his back. I wonder how strong his resolve is. How many more times will Mike be the only one giving 100% before he says "fuck it"? Everybody has a breaking point; what's Mike's?

The Bad:

Everything aside from Mike Hart wasn't bad. It was ugly.

The Ugly:

Everything else. Offense, defense, special teams. Chad Henne was so abysmal the crowd turned on him. I've never heard the fans at Michigan Stadium spew the venom they spewed on Saturday. But I'm hard pressed to say it wasn't warranted. The interception Henne threw was almost as bad as the Appalachian State interception, and on a day when the defense was the equivalent of a speedbump to a car going 120 miles per hour, that kind of mistake from a senior QB is unacceptable. As for the defense...well, hah. I KNEW I should've started Dennis Dixon in my college football fantasy league. Oh, and the effort put forth by some players (MANNINGHAM) in the 2nd half was a disgrace to everything Michigan football is (or used to be...) about.

Greg Mathews. I really hope he doesn't play Saturday, because he doesn't deserve to. After all the ugliness and unpleasantness in the first two games, the lowest point might've been Mathews taking a shot at the groin of an Oregon defender and then trying to talk trash afterward before Jake Long told him to shut his mouth. Hilariously, the Big Ten said Mathews did not violate any sportsmanship conduct policy, so it's strictly up to Lloyd to do the right thing. Please do the right thing LC.

What it means for Notre Dame:

Essentially nothing. Notre Dame's offense has been just as big an embarrassment as Michigan's defense, and the Irish don't run anything close to a spread offense. Still, the whole tackling thing - of which Michigan does little - is of worry. Michigan-Notre Dame is supposed to be a glorious game; a clash of titans. This time around it's a game between two teams that have both lost 4 in a row and for the most part looked absolutely horrific in doing so. The only good storyline are the two quarterbacks; Ryan Mallett and the emu-rific Jimmah Clausen were the nation's top two recruits at the QB position last year, and their first matchup against each other will come one year earlier than anybody expected.

Please win, Mallett...hand the ball to Mike 35 times, don't throw to the dudes in the golden helmets, and don't get hurt. Just

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