Monday, November 19, 2007


While I was alive for the end of Bo's reign and during the leadership of Gary Moeller, I was too young to remember any of it. Bo was always the grandfather who you saw on weekends, who you heard stories about and looked at old photos of from the War. Carr was the father, and the only Michigan coach I have ever known. Despite the fact that I have never met him, I love the man.

He has been the steward of The University of Michigan football team as long as I can remember, since the days of Scott Dreisbach. He's led me through highs and lows, utter joy and agonizing, crushing defeat, but in the end I would not have had it any other way. I don't regret a thing. Despite the criticisms I've leveled at him over the years, it doesn't tarnish what he has meant to Michigan and the wolverine in me.

Change is always a double edged sword, and I cannot help but feel a combination of excitement, sadness and worry in my gut, just swirling around there. The coaching search will be thrilling, as will the prospect of a new playbook, but it all comes with worry about what could go wrong... and a very real pang to know that I will only see Carr patrolling the sidelines one last time.

I'm going to miss seeing him there in a sweatshirt with that seemingly permanent scowl upon his face, a hat and a headset on. I'm going to miss that wry little grin he gives after a huge victory, that little window into the man he really is. Just a smile as I'm jumping up and down, pumping my fists and yelling in unrestrained joy.

I'm going to miss his humility, his gruffness, his class, pride and the love that he so obviously feels for his players and the university. And perhaps he will not go down in history with the same reverence as Yost, Crisler or Schembechler, but he will be up there as one of the greats, right there in Bo's shadow and I know that he would have it no other way.

I just hope that one day I can walk past him on some game day in the fall outside of the Big House, give him a nod and a "morning coach" and have him nod back, just like Bo did the one and only time I had the fortune to be in his presence.

I am going to miss Lloyd Carr, and while I know he will still be in the background, it will never be the same. Something great is ending, something new is beginning, but for me Lloyd Carr will always be synonymous with the University of Michigan.


Cowbell Commander said...

I think we'll all miss him. But I don't think we're done seeing him. He'll be around and still have influence over the program and the athletic department.

Here's to you, Lloyd.

JukeBox said...

I'll miss him, he's a good coach, and things are getting exciting now.

I can't stop imagining the infinite possibilities of the open position?

will it be Les Miles, (32-5 at LSU)
versus Sweatervest (73-15 at OSU) in the annual showdown, versus Pete Carroll (73-14 at USC) in the Rose Bowls. It's like the battle of the head coaches with the best winning percentage in powerhouses.

well i couldn't think of anyone with a possible higher winning rate than the 3 of em (having coached at least 2 seasons before this year), Urban Meyer was a bit off, Bob stoops was 95-21, which is pretty close. However I'd like to point out before anybody does is that the sample size is just different, Miles is just 2 1/2 years in LSU, and the rest have at least 6 years (meyer).

or will it be Jeff Tedford, Brian Kelly, and the list goes on...

Lloyd Carr was 121-40, a pretty good record, and a classy man.

old data fluff from Brian at Mgoblog.

hitlerwasabuckeye said...

Despite the bitter fans, Lloyd will be missed. He gave usso much in 1997, a NC title, a coach of the year award, and allowed Woodson to be himself and win a heisman. I dont know if we'll ever see a season like that ever again. Thank you.