Sunday, December 30, 2007

Citrus Bowl Preview

Gah... I don't know why I'm even writing this thing, but here it is. I'm not sure that I'm even qualified to be using any sort of statistical analysis to preview this game, considering I've watched very little of the Florida Gators this year and I've tried to forget what happened this football season over in Ann Arbor.

But, I promised I'd write this thing, so here it goes...

Michigan will play Florida in the Citrus Bowl, a team that is more talented, more motivated, better coached and has a Heisman winning mobile quarterback at the helm. Did I mention they run the spread? Uh... yeah.

It's not going to be pretty, not at all. I can't even summon any optimism for this game, not after that OSU debacle. If they couldn't get it up to face the Buckeyes, why should I hope they'll get motivated to go and beat Florida in their own backyard?

If, by some extraordinary circumstances, the Wolverines actually come out to play, I think they have a chance, albeit a small one. They need to open up the offense, attack the secondary, and somehow manage to contain Tebow and maybe they can win. I don't see how they can do it, but hey... stranger things have happened. I think.

Anyway, this was a shitty preview, but it's going to be a horrible game, so there you have it.

Yeah, it's going to be this painful

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